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scripting and python

I wrapped up the linux+ and started studying for the sec+ just to realize I was incredibly bored with it. It’s not challenging what-so-ever so I hit a bit of a wall on what to do next. I’ve been putting off coding for a long time, and I think it’s…


fstab and nfs

This is a quicky. I’ve been very busy here, been studying hard for the linux+ and trying my best to get as good as I possibly can. I’ve tipped a point to where progress is now quick (relatively) as I think my foundation is solid. I’m excited to add it…



This post is being┬áprepared as an independent┬áresearch project for a class. You will learn more if you invest time at the links presented in the first couple paragraphs. OpenStack at the time of writing this can be a decently large en-devour. This guide is not intended to answer all your…