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New Year New Rack

I’m been very quiet lately but I’ve been pretty deep in networking. I decided that I needed to back-peddle a little and try for my CCNA. I feel like anything on that topic has been more than covered elsewhere and my work has been pretty well structured around the objectives, nothing creative or different. Also if I decide to continue this blog, I’m going to have to find another platform. Things have kind of come to a head and much of what I installed in my environment a couple years ago is now depreciated. I need a serious security over-haul. Luckily if a breach were to occur on my DMZ, all should be contained by L3 rules.


The good stuff.

These posts are the easiest. I just get to show off the goods! I’ve been looking for a while now trying to find a larger rack but I’m limited on height. A 42 would just be too big because of some ductwork. I could move my Network/Server area, but the only location I could move it to would be next to the water main. I’m already iffy about it being in the same room. I also have acquired some Cisco gear for my CCNA studies that’s not so conveniently places in the office. 

So the goal is to

consolidate all of this into one rack and get rid of the noisy equipment in the office. I finally found a 34U rack that would work for $95 and jumped on it.

I have two ML110 G7s that need some place to sit so the first thing I did was cut some plywood to fit in the base and painted it black. I also left plenty of a service loop when I ran data in my house so I’m able to have ample mobility with the rack in place.

The height it pretty spot on. Just enough room for a little storage.

I went ahead and racked it so production was on the front, and lab on the back. This works for now when I’m mainly back to networking gear.

The lights on the back PDU actually are spot on here. It gets dark behind the rack even with the door open

I wish i had a better keyboard monitor solution, but this works.

that’s it! happy new year!