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It’s not what you think

aybe this will be something, but this even existing happened by accident. It’s current home is not friendly to traffic nor do I want to pay for the bandwidth. Regardless, it’s been fun getting here so maybe i’ll utilize it for a while. One of two things could happen, i get bored and remove the entry to decrease my attack surface, or my internet bill goes up and i move it to a hosted solution.

Getting here by accident is a bold claim. I’ve been spending free time conquering a reverse proxy, or the other way around. The why’s are what they always are, more challenge, more to learn. I only deliver a single service over http, so naturally i had to come up with something to prove the concept. MySQL and PHP have been tempting me to dive in for a while now as well, and that’s what lands us here. Did I learn much of anything about MySQL and PHP getting this up and running? Hell no. Am i in a position to start learning? Yeah. The main purpose was learning NGINX, and there I have the basis of a foundation. (is that a thing?)

If there’s anything I will be using this space for it will be personal documentation, you know the cookie cutter blogs with strings of bash sessions and config files that i personally have relied on for obscure solutions. If someone gets use out of that, then great, otherwise it’s my place for reference and reflection on more technical projects.